Travel Calculator

  programming java eclipse

A combination of a calculator, excel, and a calendar. It was made to help budgeting on my world travel. Developed in Java using Eclipse it is hosted on Github and uses Github Issues for project management.

Trampolining Lisp

  programming lisp python

Strictly a branch of LiPy2 written a while ago. This one uses Continuation Passing Style (CPS) and Trampolining to implement control flow features with call-with-current-continuation.

Magnetic Levitation Simulator

  programming C++ BEng

A magnetic levitation train simulator based around a custom numerical integrator with a physics model and a control system. The control system was created from scratch for this application. Developed in C++ for my B.Eng.

Lisp Like Language

  programming lisp python

A Lisp like programming language (called LiPy2) written to demonstrate certain programming techniques. It has prototype objects like Javascript and Lua as well as basic macros. It is written in Python using Emacs.

Genetic Algorithm

  programming multithreaded

A graphical multithreaded control system optimization tool that uses genetic algorithms to tune the system parameters. The genetic algorithm has the novel modification of using symbolic rather than binary genes.

Electrical Security Analysis

  programming matlab PhD

A set of tools to analyse the security of supply for an electrical power system. Developed for my Ph.D. it is based around a Monte Carlo Sampler and interfaces with CPF in Matlab for the simulations.