About Me

I want to identify the most promising and rigorously analysed research in the world, and apply it as effectively as possible to make the world better for everyone. I am looking for varied and challenging roles that help me achieve that aim. My particular areas of interest are personal effectiveness, research, communication and education.

The start of my academic career was at the University of Bath in Psychology and Communication Engineering. Later, I specialised in Electrical Engineering in which I gained my B.Sc. and co-authored several publications on artificial intelligence. I moved on to achieve a Ph.D. in Quantifying Risks in Renewable Power Generation.

I returned to the world of communications when I became a cameraman and assisted on media training and communication skills events for a communication and multimedia company. That became my preparation for leading the development of a tech start-up which included making technical decisions for product development as well as hiring new employees. My focus has evolved towards teaching people how to form positive habits, rapidly acquire new skills, and achieve their goals; presenting my ideas at Oxford University, Board Intelligence, The Effective Altruism Summit (USA), Stirling University, and The Centre for Applied Sciences (UK).



I'm currently located in Manchester.

The best way to get in contact is email or by phone on +44-7429-552244.



My programming work is probably best described through the projects I have done. For the other work I have a short CV.