In Praise Of Internet

I do not think that a democracy is the best political structure, I think it's the least easy to corrupt. Twitter et. al. has done a wonderful job of making news creation public and non-professional. It's difficult to moderate or to stop and once people accept it as the norm it will continue to change things for the better.

People have more power to reach the world now. The web managed, by bringing everyone onto one place, to form groups; which is a good thing in this case. You might expect everyone to become homogenised by the internet, we all have access to the same global media. But what happened is far greater; you can find groups of people with the same interests as you.

Someone who wants to discuss, for no other reason than that it interests them, the details of making a better shoe, voting system, teaching method. You find people with a love of almost everything.

Three things I looked up recently:
  1. The speed of gravity (wave propagation)
  2. New ways to tie shoelaces
  3. Backpacking without carrying much
Not only did I find these things (and more) but there was more than one website that told me more than I wanted to know about each.