Running Country

I don't think this this would work on a large scale, but at the community/village level I see no problem.

I think the country should be run by teams of interested experts. If you have to make a law for cars you need to decide who is the main interested parties and find a representative group from each. These are mediated by a non-voting person. The decisions are made when 75% of people agree, it should be about reaching a consensus. To aid this process people need to know how to change their mind. Our ideas belong to us and become deeply personal; this blocks change.

As an addition to this the entire process should be public. Transcripts and doccuments available.

Laws should be temporary by default. They revert without action. Laws should be guidelines given with examples.

A friend once told me that he hopes the Liberal Democrats never have a good idea. His reasoning is that they don't have a realistic chance of being elected so wont be able to implement it, yet the two partied that do get elected can't use it either, they would be copying. Hence if the Liberal Democrats have a good idea it cannot happen.

To change we would need to see a massive shift in teaching. People need to know how to work together towards an idea. Too many meetings are about convincing people that your idea is better than theirs. Edward de Bono has written extensively on this.